Statutory Requirements for Disseminating
Public Notices

Public Meetings
State law defines specific requirements for posting Public Notices on agency websites. Under Section 4 of NRS 241.020 the law requires that if a state agency (Public Body) maintains a website on the Internet, then the agency shall post notice of each of its meetings on its website.

Public Workshops
State law requires agencies to hold public workshops, in advance of formal public hearing, for consideration of new and/or substantive changes to existing state regulations. Specifically, section 2 of NRS 233B.061 requires that an agency shall conduct at least one workshop to solicit comments from interested persons on a proposed regulation. In addition, the law requires that not less than 15 days before a workshop the agency shall provide notice of the time and place for the workshop.

Regulatory Hearing - State Environmental Commission (SEC)
State Law requires that a notice of a regulatory hearing before the State Environmental Commission must be published in newspapers throughout the State (once a week for 3 weeks) commencing at least 30 days before the hearing: see NRS 445B.215

Given the above statutory requirements and in the spirt of transparency, notices of all regulatory workshops, public meetings, and regulatory hearing, scheduled by NDEP and the State Environmental Commission are posted on this webpage.

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