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Readers Note: This is a generic external links page for the Division of Environmental Protection. Some NDEP Bureaus and special programs have developed specific external link pages. Bureaus specific link pages can be found under each Bureau's Home Page or located through the site map.

In addition, we have provided access to home pages on the Internet for regulatory and environmental protection agencies for all 50 States.

Federal Agencies

EPA Websites
EPA Region Nine
EPA Radiation Program
All "State" EPA Agencies

DOE Websites
U.S. Department of Energy Home Page
DOE/Nevada Operations Office
DOE Yucca Mt.

Other Federal Agencies
U.S. Geological Survey
USGS Nevada Pages
Department of Interior
BLM Nevada
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)
USFWS - Pacific Region
Council on Environmental Quality

Defense Department
Nellis Air Force Base
Naval Air Station Fallon (NAS Fallon)

State Agencies

State of Nevada - Home Page
Legislative Council Bureau (LCB-NV)

Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
Nevada Division of Forestry
Nevada Natural Heritage Program
Nevada Division of State Lands
Nevada Division of State Parks
Nevada Division of Water Resources
Other Boards and Comissions

Other State Agencies
Nevada Dept. of Wildlife
Nuclear Waste Project Office (NV)
Nevada Commission on Tourism
State Division of Health
Division of Minerals (Commission on Mineral Resources)
Nevada Division of Emergency Management
State Emergency Response Commission

Resource Info.

GPO Access
Federal Digital System
Federal Register

Other Federal Resources
Code of Federal Regulations
United States Code
GAO Reports
Library of Congress

Environmental & Census Data
State Population Estimates
Resources For The Future

Other Organizations

Nevada Organizations
Clark County
Clark County Air Quality Forum
Washoe County
Eureka County
Nevada Association of

Nevada League of Cities

National/Regional Associations
National Governors'

Western Governors'

ECOS - The Environmental
Council of the States

Non-Government Organizations
Worldwatch Institute
PLAN Nevada
Sierra Club
Grist--Environmental News and Commentary

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