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 NDEP Topic Index
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   Agreement in Principal (Federal Facilities)
   Federal Facilities Agreement and Consent Order (FFACO - Federal Facilities)
   Mutual Consent Agreement (Federal Facilities)

Air Pollution
   Permit Guidance
   Permit Forms
   Compliance & Enforcement

Air National Guard - Reno

Air Quality Planning
   Air Quality Planning (General)

   Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program
   Monitoring Sites Network
   Map of Monitor Sites
   Table of Monitor Sites
   Ambient Air Quality Standards
   Pahrump Monitoring
   BAQP Trend Report
   Monitoring Guidelines

   Smoke Management
   Annual Fire Activity Data Report Form
   Decision Matrix for Agricultural Open Burning

   Mobile Sources Program (Alt Fuels, I/M, Heavy Duty Diesel)
   Fuel Use Tracking Form
   Program Management (Forms and Documents)

Ambient Air Monitoring (Locations, Current Data, Trends)
   Regulations and SIP Development
   Smoke Management - Backyard Burn
   Haze Regional Haze & BART

   Biennial Reports (See Bottom of Biennial Report Page)
   Miscellaneous Archives
   Public Notice Archives (See bottom of Public Notice Page)
   Environmental Commission

Atmospheric Nuclear Testing ( Nevada Test Site -- photos & history)

Bacteriological Monitoring (Safe Drinking Water)

Bango Oil Water Pollution Control Discharge Permit

Best Management Practices Handbook (water quality management - Nonpoint source pollution

Biennial Report (All Divisions - includes archives)
Biennial Report (Hazardous Waste)
Bioassessment (Monitoring - Water Quality Planning)

BMI Complex — Remediation Activities (Corrective Actions)

Board for Financing Water Projects

Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund

Carson River Mercury Site (NDEP/BCA Super Fund Website)

Central Nevada Test Area (CNTA - Federal Facilities)

Certifications — Environmental Managers, Hazardous Waste Management Specialists, Underground Storage Tank Handlers, and Underground Storage Tank Testers

Certifications — Nevada Water & Wastewater Operator's Forum

Chemical (CAPP)
   Chemical Accident Prevention Program
   Program Guidance
   Statutes and Regulations
   Regulated Substance Information
   Permitting Requirements
   Registration/Change of Ownership
   More About Cap Program

Chemical Monitoring (Safe Drinking Water)

Clean Water Act
   303(d) List
   305(b) Report
   401 Certification

Coal-Fired Power Plants (Air Pollution Control - Fact Sheet)

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) (Waste Management)

   lists of
   certification of

Continuing Planning Process -CPP (Water Quality Planning)

Cryptosporidium (Safe Drinking Water)

Department of Defense
   Department of Defense (DoD) Home Page (Remediation activities)
   DoD/State - Installation Restoration (Federal Facilities)
   State Memorandum of Agreement (Federal Facilities)

Disclaimer (Website)

Disposal (See solid waste)

Department of Energy (see Federal Facilities)


E-payments (Electronic payments)

Educational Portal

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Employment Opportunities (NDEP)

Emergency Response Plans

Engineering Plan Reviews (Safe Drinking Water)

Environmental Managers (see consultants)

Environmental Information Requests - Phase I

Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act
   USEPA Resources Information

Environmental Commission (See State Environmental Commission)

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
   CEQ Regulations (Council of Environmental Quality)
   Nevada Test Site (NTS) 1996 EIS Record of Decision
   State Comments Nevada Test Site Final EIS 11/15/96

Fact Sheets (See Guidance Documents)

Federal Facilities Agreement and Consent Order (FFACO)

Federal Facilities (description & maps)
   Nevada Test Site (NTS)
   Tonopah Test Range (TTR)
   Nellis Air Force Range (NAFR)
   Central Nevada Test Area (CNTA), and
   Project Shoal Area.

   Department of Defense (Federal Facilities)
   Department of Energy (Federal Facilities)

Financial Assistance -- Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund

Financial Assistance -- Drinking Water Systems (Also see grants)

FUDS (Formerly Used Defense Sites)

Gas Stations

GIS - Water Quality Planning Information

   Board for Financing Water Projects
   Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
   State Revolving Loan Fund
   Circuit Rider Program (rural communities)

Ground Water Contamination (Nevada Test Site)

Guidance Documents (general)
   Chemical Accident Prevention Program
   Solid Waste
   Toxic Release Inventory for Nevada

Guidance Documents (Air Pollution Permitting Requirements)
   Existing Permits
   Emission Reporting
   Compliance Inspection
   Fugitive Dust
   Automobile Emissions
   Open Burn Permit

Guidance Documents (Corrective Action (Clean-up) Requirements)
   MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether)

Guidance Documents (Water Pollution Control)
   Abandonment of Sewerage Facilities
   Design of Groundwater Monitoring Wells
   Design Of Wastewater Treatment Ponds
   Discharge permit to use reclaimed water
   Management plan for reclaimed water use
   Rapid Infiltration Basins application
   Septic Tanks and Individual Disposal Systems
   Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations

Guidance Documents (Water Loan Fund)
   State Revolving Loan Fund

Groundwater Permits

Hawthorne Army Depot (HWAD)

Hazardous Waste
   Hazardous Waste Program
   Technical Assistance - Small Business
   Hazardous Waste Permitted Facilities (TSD)
   Hazardous Waste Recycling Facilities
   EPA Identification Number
   Hazardous Waste Generators (reporting requirements)
   Mercury - (What You Need to Know)
   Hazardous Waste Biennial Report
   Hazardous Waste Management Specialists (see consultants)

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan

Heating Oil Tanks (see tanks)
Haze -- Regional Haze (Air Quality Planning)

Indian (See Tribal Liaison Program)

Inspection (Mining - See bottom of Mining Regulations Page )

Inspection (Air Quality)

Jungo Landfill - proposed


Laboratory Certification (Water Quality Planning)

Lake Mead Water Quality Forum

Landfills (See solid waste)
Landfill Inventory (Nevada by County)

Las Vegas Office (NDEP - Link to Phone Directory)

Leaking Underground Tanks

Link Pages (External)
   General Links
   Air Pollution Control
   Air Quality Planning
   All State Environmental Regulatory Agencies
   Chemical Accident Prevention    Hazardous Waste
   Federal Facilities

Long-Term Steward at the Nevada Test Site
Low Level Waste (LLW) (Federal Facilities)

Leukemia Investigation (Churchill County Nevada)
   Press Accounts
   Environmental Sampling Plan
   Legislative Testimony
   Links & Photos
Mead — Lake Mead Water Quality Forum

   Nevada Test Site
   Offsite Nuclear Tests
   Central Nevada Test Area
   Shoal Site

Maps of Nevada
   Cities and roads
   Hydrographic basins
   Relief maps
   Precipitation map
   Yucca Mountain

Medicine/Prescription Drug Disposal -- unused, What to do?

Medical Waste (See solid waste)

Mercury (NDEP Website)

Carson River Mercury Site (NDEP/BCA Website)

Mining (Bureau of Mining Regulation & Reclamation)

MTBE (oxygenated fuel corrective action guidance)

Mutual Consent Agreement (Federal Facilities)


Native American (See Tribal Liaison Program)

Naval Air Station Fallon (IRP Cleanup Program)
Nellis Air Force Base (IRP Cleanup Program)

Nevada Revised Statutes (Also See Regulations)

Nevada Test Site (NTS)
   State/DOE Settlement Agreement Law Suite April 17, 1997
   NTS Photos
   Nuclear Tests by the USA - 1945/1992 (DOE document)

News (Press Clips Natural Resource News)

Nonpoint Source Pollution
   Implementation Grants
   Requests for Proposals

Notices - Public (All Bureaus)

Nuclear Weapons Complex (NGA Cleanup Report)


Online Services

Organizational Structure - NDEP


PCE — Perchloroethylene Releases

Petroleum Reimbursement Fund

Phone Numbers & Email Address (All Staff)
   Las Vegas Office

   Atmospheric Nuclear Testing
   Underground Nuclear Testing
   Nevada (assorted photos)
   Nevada Test Site
   Sparks Solvent Fuel Site

Perchlorate (BCA Fact Sheet)

Permitting & Regulatory Requirements ( General NDEP Website Links Page)

Permits (general)
   NDEP Permits (Master Links Page)
   Hazardous Waste Permitted Facilities (TSD)
   Stormwater discharge (industrial, mining, construction)
   UIC Underground Injection Control
   Water Pollution Control

Permits (Air Pollution Control)
   Permit Guidance
   Major, Minor, & Mobile Sources: Class I, II, III, SAD, General/COLA
   Fugitive Dust
   Hazardous Air Pollutants

Permits -- (Solid Waste)
   Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Site Permit Application
   Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Site Permit Application
   Compost Plant Application
   Transfer Station Application
   Waste Tire Hauler Registration Application
   Waste Tire Management Facility Permit Information
   Waste Tire Management Facility Permit Application

Phase I - Environmental Information Requests

Pollution Prevention (external link)

Ponderosa Dairy Groundwater Monitoring Information

Prescription Drug Disposal -- unused, What to do?

Public Information - Press Releases (NDEP - PIO)

Public Notices (All Bureaus)

Public Water Systems (Bureau Home Page)


Request for Public Records

Recycling (Home Page)
   What's New
   Public Building Model Plan
   Status of Recycling in Nevada
   Nevada Recycling Information
   Nevada Recycling Contacts
   Nevada State Statutes and Regulations
   Non-Profit Organizations
   Links to other Recycling Programs

Recycling Hazardous Waste Facilities

Red Tag List - delivery prohibition noncompliant underground storage tanks

Regulations (Links to NDEP Regulations & Statutes )
   Regulations (all NAC's)
   Solid Waste Disposal
   Hazardous Waste
   Water Quality Standards
   Air Pollution Control
   Environmental Commissions (Practice Before the Commission)
   Highly Hazardous Substances
   Use of Alternative Fuels
   Mining Regulation & Reclamation

Reclamation (mining)
Revolving Loan Funds (wastewater treatment works)
Safe Drinking Water (Bureau Home Page)

Search Website

Septic Tanks (See Guidance Documents)

Shoal Site (Federal Facilities)

Site Maps
Site Map - NDEP ( NDEP Bureau)
Smoke Management (Open Burning)

Solid Waste
   Program Overview
   Solid Waste Guidance Documents
   Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Solid Waste Fact Sheets
   Summary of Regulations for Mine site Landfills (2004)
   Alternative Final Covers for Low-Risk Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (2004)
   Summary of Landfill Final Cover Requirements (2004)
   Collection and Disposal of Medical Waste (2004)
   Managing Your Electronic Wastes - Fact Sheet (2004)

  Waste Tire fact sheets
   Waste Tire Management at Disposal Facilities (2004)
   Waste Tire Management Facility Permits (2004)
   Waste Tire Transportation (2004)
   Waste Tire Management by Tire Retailers (2004)

Solid Waste Management - Planning
   Solid Waste Management Plan Check List
   FINAL DRAFT update to the Nevada State Solid Waste Management Plan

Solid Waste Permits and Applications
   Permitting a Solid Waste Management Facility
   Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Site Permit Application
   Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Site Permit Application
   Compost Plant Application
   Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station
   Waste Tire Hauler Registration Application
   Waste Tire Management Facility Permit Information
   Waste Tire Management Facility Permit Application

Sparks Solvent/Fuel Site (Corrective Actions)

Spills (Reporting Requirements)

State Environmental Commission
   Home Page
   Public Hearings
   Appeals Process
   Appeals (open Recent Appeal Hearings)

State Revolving Loan Fund

Statutes & Regulations (Also see Regulations)

Stead Solvent Site

Strategic Plan Objectives (Division wide)

Stormwater discharge permits (Water Pollution Control)

Subdivision Review (Safe Drinking Water)

Superfund (Corrective Actions)


Tanks (fuel storage)
   Above Ground
   Heating Oil

Tires (See solid waste guidance documents)

TMDLs - Total Maximum Daily Loads (Water Quality Planning)

TRI - Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (reporting)

Tribal Liaison Program

TV Recycling

Underground Nuclear Testing (photos)

(UIC) Underground Injection Control (UIC) Permit Application

Underground Tanks
   Red Tag List - delivery prohibition (noncompliant)
   Tank Testers (see consultants)
   Tank Handlers (see consultants)


Voluntary Clean-Up Program


Water - Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Water - Drinking Water Systems (Bureau Home Page)
Water - Drinking Water Systems - Operator Certification

Water Operator Certification (Safe Drinking Water)

Water Systems - Regulatory Oversight (Safe Drinking Water)

Water Education for Teachers(Water Quality Planning

Water Quality Forum — Lake Mead

Waste (See solid waste and Hazardous wastes)

   Revolving loan funds
   Circuit Rider Program (technical assistance to rural community)

Water Quality Forum (Lake Mead Water Quality Forum)

Water Quality Data (Water Quality Planning)
   Stream/lake monitoring data
   Bioassessment program

Water Quality Planning Information [GIS Data]

Water Quality Planning and Assessment Documents (Water Quality Planning)
   303(d) List
   305(b) Report
   Continuing Planning Process
   Nonpoint Source Assessments
   Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

Water Quality Standards
Water Quality Trading
Water System Grants

What's New Page(all bureaus)

Web Team

Wells (UIC Program)

Wellhead Protection Program (Water Pollution Control)

Wendell McCurry Excellence in Water Quality Award


Youth Watershed Summit (Project WET)


Nevada Privacy Policy