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Request for Public Records

Consistent with the State of Nevada's Public Records statute (NRS 239), all public books and public records not determined to be confidential will be made available for public view or copy.

Requests must be submitted in writing with the form linked here to determine if a public record exists with NDEP and to inspect or copy the physical file. File requests should be made in reference to specific facilities or actions and directed to the FOIA Coordinator listed below:

    Mailing address:
    Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
    901 S. Stewart St., Ste 4001
    Carson City NV 89701 Phone: (775) 687-9304
    Fax: (775) 687-5856

Upon receipt of the request, the FOIA Coordinator will forward it to the appropriate bureau(s). A response will be sent advising whether or not files exist and, if a bureau(s) has files, specific information in regard to making arrangements to view the files or obtain copies.

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