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Nevada 2008-10 Integrated Report: NDEP developed Nevada’s 2008-10 Water Quality Integrated Report (2008-10 IR) for use by the public, other entities, and for NDEP water quality management planning purposes. Due to delays in developing the 2008 Integrated Report, the 2008 and 2010 reporting cycles were combined into one report. The final 2008-10 IR was submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approval in December 2012.

EPA approved Nevada’s listings of water quality limited segments as Category 5 (303(d) List), but disapproved NDEP’s omission of nineteen waters. Based on review of fish tissue data compared to EPA’s 2001 recommended criterion of 0.3 mg methyl mercury/kg, EPA took action to add the following waters to Nevada’s 303(d) List for fish consumption: Jakes Creek Reservoir; Overland Lake; Upper East Fork Owyhee River; South Fork Owyhee River; Wildhorse Reservoir; Ruby Lake; Warm Springs Pond; Barth Pit; Humboldt River; Humboldt River above Rye Patch; Humboldt River below Rye Patch; South Fork Reservoir; Echo Canyon Reservoir; Nesbitt Lake; Bodie Creek; Carson River from Mexican Dam to New Empire; North Fork Little Humboldt River; Rough Creek; and East Walker River.

Nevada’s 2008-10 IR and maps have been modified to incorporate the EPA's overlist. Below are links to the Nevada 2008-10 Water Quality Integrated Report, the 2008-10 Assessed Waters Interactive Web Map Application, and the public comments on the DRAFT 2008-10 Integrated Report with NDEP's responses.

Nevada 2008-10 Water Quality Integrated Report (includes EPA overlist)
Nevada 2008-10 Integrated Report Web Map available as a layer theme within the Nevada 2012 Integrated Report Webmap
Nevada 2008-10 Integrated Report Assessed Waters - GIS File Geodatabase

EPA Approval/Overlist coorespondence

EPA final approval/overlist letter
NDEP's response to EPA public notice for overlist
EPA partial approval/overlist letter
EPA's public notice for approval/overlist

Public Comments on DRAFT and NDEP responses

NDEP response to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
NDEP response to Brisco, Ivester and Bazel, LLP
NDEP response to Humboldt River Basin Water Authority
NDEP response Southern Nevada Water Authority
Center for Biological Diversity comments:
NDEP response to the Center for Biological Diversity

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