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   December 2015:   NOTICE - Nevada 2014 Integrated Report

   October 2015:   Changes to the Nevada Administrative Code revising the Nevada water quality regulations for former “Class Waters” located in the Lower Humboldt River Basin NAC 445A.1432 – 1578.
  • Public Workshop and Agenda
  • Fact Sheet
  • Draft Rationale
  • Draft Petition
  •    October 2015:   Lahontan Reservoir Water Quality Standards Review — Proposed Changes to Lahontan Reservoir Standards Nevada Administrative Code 445A.1794, 445A.1882, and 445A.1824
  • Public Workshop and Agenda
  • Fact Sheet 2015
  • Draft Rationale 2015
  • Draft Petition 2015
  • About BWQP — The Bureau of Water Quality Planning (BWQP) is responsible for several water quality protection functions which include collecting and analyzing water data, developing standards for surface waters, publishing informational reports, providing water quality education and implementing programs to address surface water quality.

    Statutory Authority
    [NRS 445A.010 / 445A.730]
    Staff Contacts

    Owyhee River at Mountain City BWQP Branches and Programs
    Water Quality Standards and Monitoring Branch — is responsible for developing and reviewing surface water quality standards, administering the total maximum daily load (TMDL) Program, and generating the Nevada Water Quality Integrated Report. The branch also administers the State's ambient surface water quality and bioassessment monitoring programs.

    401 Water Quality Certification Program — grants certification to assure state water quality standards will not be violated for activities requiring a federal permit that may result in a discharge to a water.

    Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Management Branch — is responsible for managing nonpoint sources of pollution in Nevada. Nonpoint source (NPS) pollution results from a variety of diffuse and dispersed human activities.

    Environmental Education & Outreach Program — focuses on environmental educational programs offered by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

  • Earth Day Celebration
  • Snapshot Day 2012
  • Lake Tahoe Watershed Program — is the NDEP program collaborating with the federal, state, local, and private partners to protect Lake Tahoe as a water of extraordinary aesthetic or ecologic value.

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